Finnish company HONKA is the world leader in log-home construction and the largest producer of log houses worldwide, a company that best combines centuries of tradition with state-of-the-art technology. 
HONKA’s story is the story of a family business that has matured into global-scale commercial production while managing to preserve its warm, familial approach to each and every customer. 
Founded in 1958, today’s HONKA is an international concern with representative offices operating in 30 countries worldwide, while HONKA homes are regularly supplied to more than 50 countries around the world. The company was the first to earn the right to label its products with the СЕ stamp, certifying compliance with European standards of quality. According to international surveys, 80% of those acquiring suburban real estate within HONKA’s extensive area of operation are familiar with the HONKA brand and view the company as the best in the business.


HONKA was the first Western log-home producer to arrive on the Russian marketplace. Since 1995, ROSSA RAKENNE SPB has served as the exclusive distributor of HONKA concern within the territory of the Russian Federation.
In Russia, the company occupies first place in terms of import volumes of Finnish log homes and is the sole concern in its segment to offer a full range of construction services and customer support.
Over its years of operation on the Russian market, the company has built more than 1700 properties in various regions throughout the country. The ROSSA RAKENNE SPB portfolio includes some truly unique projects in terms of their sheer scale and architectural solutions: Pristan’ (The Wharf) – at 1500 m², the largest timber restaurant in Europe, a hotel complex in Sochi spreading over a total area of 4500 m², and St. Vladimir’s Church on Valaam Island measuring roughly 2000 m².  
Aside from individual construction assignments, the company is also successfully engaged in wide-ranging development and investment projects.


ROSSA RAKENNE SPB has created a corporate structure capable of drawing on its own resources to solve the entire range of tasks involved in building design, construction and operation. This approach makes it possible to closely control all phases of project implementation, thereby guaranteeing top-quality results. Our clients have the opportunity to interact with a single company throughout the entire construction period, meaning they can save time and effort while remaining confident in the project’s success. We offer: - Architectural design and design-and-survey work - Sale, production and delivery of homes from Finland - Construction - Engineering support - Interior design - Landscape design - Warrantied home maintenance


The construction and development of country complexes is one of the most important areas of company operations. 
At the core of all of our activities is the aspiration to create a top-quality residential environment. The comfortable atmosphere found in HONKA villages is fostered thanks to well-planned infrastructure, a superior level of technical equipping, outstanding site development and prompt attention to issues associated with village maintenance and the organization of leisure-time activities for village residents. 
The company’s first experience in this area involved the construction and development of Le Meridien Moscow Country (Golf) Club, Nakhabino, in Moscow Region. Next followed construction of the cottage villages Honka-Park, Russian Switzerland, Copper Lake and Honka Family Club in Leningrad Region. Demidkovo Village has also been erected in Perm Region. 
Today, HONKA No.1 cottage village projects are underway in Moscow Region, as are Country Complex on the Istra and HONKA Cottages in Istra Valley; in Leningrad Region – Copper Lake-2 and HonkaNova Concept Residence are in development. The construction of several other cottage villages is slated to begin in the near future.


The company’s in-house production facilities and ongoing research activity ensure exceptional quality and walling-material reliability parameters, as well as the various structural elements found in HONKA log homes.  
The company owns two factories, located in Central Finland, that produce roughly 3000 homes annually.  
The standout quality of HONKA materials is their environmental-friendliness and sustainability. The company was the first in its field to earn the right to label its products with the CE stamp, certifying compliance with European standards of quality. All of the materials produced at the company’s factories bear a certificate issued by the Finnish state structure VTT, which guarantees compliance with all relevant standards under the product-manufacturing process. All of the products HONKA delivers to the Russian marketplace carry Gosstandart Russia (GOST) certificates of conformity. The company holds a number of patents and registered commercial prototypes. Total investments in research and development stand at approximately EUR 3 mln annually.


Investment projects represent an important and interesting part of the company’s business. They prompt the solution of complex challenges, expanding the boundaries of our knowledge and capabilities.  
Today, HONKA is the sole company in its sector capable of producing large product volumes for the implementation of ambitious projects in the shortest-possible turnaround times.
We implement a number of projects with our business partners, who, over the years, have come to include such companies as Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom, Lukoil, Norilskgazprom, Uralsib and Surgutneftegaz. What’s more, we have also successfully implemented projects falling under the auspices of the Department of Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation. 
Projects involving the construction of commercial real estate properties also play a large part in our operations. For example, a hotel complex measuring 3000 m² has been erected in Yakutia, as has Pristan’ (The Wharf) Restaurant at the Demino Sports and Leisure Center in Yaroslavl Region. In Leningrad Region, Ryba na Dache (Fish at the Cottage) Restaurant and Repino Village Apartment Hotel have been successfully constructed.